(Team Firebird 2010 Nationals)

 (Team Firebird 2010 Rock Mountain 3Gun)

The Team Members:


Anders M hails from Idaho and has been shooting competitively since 2005. Anders enjoys training Labradors, spending time in the mountains and any outdoor related activity. Professionally, Anders is a fish and wildlife biologist project manager. Anders is happily married.


Armando W A lifelong New Mexico resident. Although not a competitive shooter, I enjoy shooting with family and friends.  I have been a machinist for the past 15 years and have extensive experience in programming and operating CNC mills and lathes.    As a proud member of Team Firebird my role is helping Jim turn his sketches and ideas into 3D models, utilizing CAD software (Solidworks).  Some of the parts we have worked on together include the Helix Free Float Handguard and CQSS Sight Mount for the AR platform and the Compensator for the Saiga 12.


Craig O, after growing up all over the west Craig has settled in Salt Lake City UT where he went to college and has worked as a Fire Captain/Paramedic for the last 17 years.   He started trapshooting at a very young age and that love of competitive shooting translated over to practical pistol shooting and 3 Gun when he started in 2004.  So much so that his only hobby is traveling, preparing, and practicing for 3 Gun matches.   Aside from the joy of competition and the pride of being involved with Team Firebird, he is incredibly grateful for the great friends and camaraderie that is at the heart of 3 Gunning. 


Dan S hails from Massachusetts. He started shooting IPSC in 1980, and has gone on to compete in Second Chance, The Masters, and numerous 3-Gun matches. An experimental machinist in normal life, his hobbies include gunsmithing, cooking, photography, and his Corvette.


Dave C hails from Texas, his adopted home, but is originally from Far East Texas (Canada). He married a Texas girl and never looked back. Dave has shot USPSA since 1992 and 3-Gun since entering the 2004 RM3G. Dave came out fast and is still working on finishing well; Ken says practice will help. Dave loves the summers and hates snow, especially when it happens in Texas. Dave plays bagpipes for his own amazement -- having gone to the World Championships twice, his band winning grade 3 in 1998. Professionally, Dave has worked in Polymer Research for 31 years and hopes to retire very, very, SOON.


Denise H hails from Arizona but is originally from Virginia.  She has just recently gotten into 3Gun and USPSA competitions.  She is a former Marine, & black belt in American Kenpo.  Professionally, Denise is an Infection Control Practitioner and RN in a large medical center in Mesa.  Her favorite color is purple, as you can tell by looking at her Firebird rifle.


Jack T hails from Louisiana but was born and raised in Florida.  Jack has been shooting USPSA since 1978 and 3 gun since 1991.  He is active in motorcycle racing, hare scrambles, surfing and archery.  Jack is US Army, Retired having spent most of his military career in the 5th Special Forces group at Fort Bragg.  He currently designs and manufactures components for the firearms industry.  Jack’s oldest son is a Special Forces medic with the 10th Special Forces Group.  Jack is also a proud grandfather.


Jessie P Started shooting IDPA at the age of 12. She now shoots IDPA, USPSA, and 3 gun- all of which involves equal parts shooting and spending her dad's money. Jessie is 14 and a freshman in high school.  She has written for Junior Shooters magazine http://www.juniorshooters.net/2010/10/24/profile-of-a-junior-shooter/ and will appear on the cover of the multi-gun edition in March.


Greg P First started shooting IDPA in 2007 and has been competing in IDPA and USPSA ever since. He is a certified safety officer and certified USPSA R.O. 3 gun seemed the next natural progression, especially since Greg's oldest daughter forced him into it. He and his wife have been married for 19 years and have two lovely daughters- that cost him a lot of money. Being from New Mexico, Firebird Precision was the obvious choice in rifles.


Jason H hails from Texas. He started shooting IDPA about 9 years ago. After shooting his first 3-Gun match in 2007, he hasn't looked back. He'll still shoot the occasional IDPA or USPSA match, but his first choice would be a 3-Gun match. If you see a funny looking hat at a match, there is a good chance he's under it. He firmly believes iron sight divisional should be the standard by which all the others are measured. "Shoot like you've got a pair. Shoot Irons."


Jason M is originally from Tennessee but hails from Arizona since 2003. Jason has been competing in USPSA, 3-Gun, and Police Combat matches since about 1999. Professionally, Jason is an active law enforcement agent and Firearms Instructor. He is married with one son.


Jay B hails from Maine and has been shooting USPSA, IDPA and 3-Gun competitively since 2001. Jay enjoys the competitive spirit of 3 gun sports and shooting with his fellow firebird mates. Professionally, Jay works in IT and is an instructor for the state University. His favorite 3-Gun matches are the BRM3G, Ironman and the Topton 3 man team match.


Jay T hails from Florida. After playing professional golf on the European Tour for 15 years, Jay turned to shooting in USPSA matches 7 years ago to fill his competitive needs. Since 1998, he has worked in TV and radio broadcasting. He enjoys fly fishing in the Florida Keys and archery hunting for dangerous game, mainly in Africa. Jay is married and has two teen-aged children who are very active in sports.


Ken H hails from Texas and grew up hunting and shooting. Ken has been shooting USPSA and 3-Gun/Multigun since 2003. Aside from shooting at many of the larger 3-Gun and area matches, Ken is also the president of the Orange Gun Club in Orange, Texas. Professionally, Ken is an installation technician at Philpott Ford Fleet Services, the largest supplier of Ford fleet and government vehicles in North America. When Ken is not shooting, he enjoys riding motorcycles.


Mark M hails from Texas and has been shooting USPSA for 8 years. He has dipped his toe in the 3-Gun waters occasionally over the years but has gotten more involved in the last year. Mark is a professional firefighter with the city of Lubbock and fills in off days building cabinets and doing woodworking. You will find him most Saturdays he is not at the station, shooting somewhere and most Sundays in church with his family.


Mark P hails from Colorado and has shot over a dozen forms of competition starting in 1991 and has taught tactical pistol since 1999. He currently shoots 3-Gun and USPSA. Mark helps run the RM3G match in Raton, NM. He is an avid hunter and he enjoys auto racing and off-roading. Professionally, Mark is a forensic engineer who works on mechanical failures and accidents. He has had several articles published and wrote chapter 4 of “The Glock in Competition.” He has a wonderful wife and two sons.


Maurice G hails from Texas and has been shooting competitively for 11 years with a focus on Cowboy Action Shooting. Recently he has begun competing in IDPA, USPSA, Sniper and 3-Gun competitions. He also enjoys hunting and gunsmithing. Professionally, he works as an aerospace engineer to fund his shooting habits.


Peter Pres is currently residing in Arizona. Peter has been competing in Practical Shooting events since 2004. He competes regionally and nationally in different divisions of 3 gun and USPSA pistol. Peter is currently shooting a Firebird FPX-15 in the Iron sights division of 3 gun know as "Limited Tactical". When not shooting, Peter enjoys thinking about or talking about shooting.


Randy C hails from high up in the Jemez Mountains of Northern New Mexico.  Randy has been a "gun nut" since birth.  He loves shooting Firebird Precision weapons and competing at 3-gun matches.  He has been shooting competitively since Jim talked him into shooting the Johnson 3-gun in 2009.  He is Jim's partner with Firebird Precision as he and Jim have been friends forever!  He also works in the high performance computing industry at Los Alamos National Lab.  He loves cooking (and eating) and all outdoor activities including hunting (when he gets drawn).  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Scott K hails from Utah and has been shooting USPSA since 1992 and 3-Gun since 1999. Scott also enjoys varmint hunting and riding ATV's. Scott also really enjoys shooting sporting clays. Professionally, Scott is a Project Safety Supervisor for a large General Contractor in Utah.


Sharon G hails from Texas and has shot Cowboy Action since 2001, IDPA since 2007, and USPSA and 3-Gun since 2008. She also enjoys hunting and camping. Sharon recently earned her CPA license and works professionally as an accountant. Sharon volunteers as the Treasurer for her local IDPA club.


Tom C hails from New Mexico and has been shooting USPSA and 3-Gun competitively since 1998. Professionally, Tom is in the Information Technology field, and is looking forward to retirement in April of 2010. Tom is the VP and Stats Officer for Rio Grande Practical Shooting Club.


Yancy K hails from Utah and has been shooting 3-Gun in Tactical Scope and USPSA in Limited division since 2007. Yancy enjoys riding ATVs and eating. Professionally, Yancy is a master Mercedes-Benz technician. Yancy has been married for 5 years and is Catholic. His favorite candies are milk duds and snickers. He is a strong supporter of our troops and all of the other service people, except politicians.