Model TAC-12: MKA-1919 Replacement Lower Receivers

Our MKA-1919 Replacement TAC-12 Lower Receivers are available now and increase the durability, reliability and performance of your XN or Akdal MKA-1919 shotgun.  It accepts standard AR-15 Pistol Grips and Butt Stocks and includes our patented aluminum feed ramp.  The stripped lower can be assembled using most of your existing MKA-1919 fire control and lower receiver parts or you can purchase the optional Firebird Precision Lower Parts Kit (LPK).  The LPK contains many improved precisely machined components made from case hardened steel or other more durable materials than what you get with the factory shotgun.  All Firebird Precision parts are proudly made in the USA.  Each receiver ships with complete written  instructions with easy to understand diagrams.  A training videos to assist you in upgrading an MKA-1919 is here.

Designed and Manufactured by Firebird Precision, this fully machined billet lower is a central component to the TAC-12 shotgun. The receiver includes:

  • Anti Walk Pins
  • Safety Detent
  • Replaceable Feed Ramp
  • Bolt Lock Roll Pin
  • Assembly Bolt

All of the other Firebird Precision TAC-12 and MKA-1919 parts are compatible with this item.  This part is regarded by BATFE as an accessory so an FFL transfer is not required. The serial number that is followed for record keeping is associated with the upper receiver.

Click to BUY NOW - MKA-1919 Lower Receiver.  Price: $375.00 available at 3 Gun USA

Firebird Precision MKA-1919 Aluminum Lower Receiver

Firebird Precision MKA-1919 Aluminum Lower Receiver

Click to BUY NOW - MKA-1919 Lower Parts Kit. Price: $199.00 available at 3 Gun USA

MKA-1919 Lower Parts Kit